The Best Poems and Poets of 2003

                       Motto: “For man is the Morning Star
                                 And Woman is the Star of Evening...”
                                 (D.H.Lawrence - The Plumed Serpent)


Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Many happy days in return
of the many happy memories
that you’ve left behind....

Many happy wonders
in your plentiful life,
alongside desired encounters....

Many happy reminders
of the amazing blessings
you’ve been gifted with....
       of your beloved dead, whose Paradise
      “is in the hearts of the living…”
                  of your ever-searching, ever-blossoming,
                 never-aging romantic soul,
                           of your vulnerable, sensitive self
                          behind the strong, sensible mind…

Many happy awakenings
in the flower-core of your being -
 the manly Morning Star!

And, when away from fragmentation
and the deadening aloneness,
it will be the  togetherness
with an Evening Star,
that you’ll be longing for,
don’t search too far....

Cecilia Burcescu
Copyright © 2004 by the International Library of Poetry
Published in the anthology The Best Poems and Poets of 2003
Watermark Press, Owings Mills, USA

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