Friends I've Never Met

                          Just a Christmas Wish

What I really want for Christmas
is to hold your soul
in the hands of mine,
as to trespass our physical frames
and let the immaterial touch the immaterial,
since  there would be no boundary then
that we have to contain ourselves within,
                               no touchable reality that we have to respect,
                               no rules or regulations that we have to obey.
For there should be no guilt
                                     in the aura of love,
                                no remorse
                                      in the glimpse of happiness
                                no place or timeframe within which
                                       we should freeze
                                             or behave
                                                   the way we should,
thus suddenly growing too old and too wise
                                                         and just spectators to life.

If only I could hold your soul
                        in the hands of mine…


Cecilia Burcescu
Copyright © 2000 by the International Library of Poetry
Published in the anthology Friends I've Never Met, 2001
Watermark Press, Owings Mills, USA

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